Yoga and mortial arts

The focus of our interest has always been Yoga and Martial Arts. We embrace theoretical research and practical aspects of these areas.    

It is believed, and we share the idea that in the way of its evolvement Yoga has played the role of one of the initial sources for the Eastern Martial Arts.   

Practical methods of the work with physical body, breathing techniques and work with consciousness, developed in Hatha Yoga, have many things in common with pertinent components of Martial Arts (especially in various types of Chinese Wu-Shu). During numerous centuries of simultaneous evolution, Yoga and Martial Arts have seemingly been influencing each other in many interesting ways (the most striking example of this intricate historical and technical interlinking is Yoga of Shri Tirumalaya Krishnamacharia).

The video below convincingly depicts probable correlation of techniques and exercises that are being used in Yoga and various Martial Arts. 

It is for a reason that visualization of the God Shiva (according to the Hinduism believes Shiva has introduced and taught Yoga to humans) and of the main Karate God in Okinawa are so very much alike.

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Yoga and Martial Arts are often called the WAY OF THE WARRIOR - the way of the man who is pursuing development and excellence with the resolution and keenness of the true warrior.

For the authors of this website practice of Martial Arts in its essence is Yoga, and Yoga is the Way of the Warrior. We are interested in all that is linked to these systems and all that enables growth and development, broadening the areas of knowledge and pushing boarders of possible.

For us Martial Arts is firstly an effective method of self-development and self-discovery, and only secondly – sport and self-defense. Our trainings are based on the various martial arts experience, including karate, kickboxing, judo, and aikido). We are equally interested in traditional systems as well as in contemporary sport martial arts.  Combining traditional and modern methods of training, we are striving to maintain depth and efficiency of our own practice.

Hatha Yoga practice is essential part of our life and training. Yoga is instrumental in necessarily motor skills development, health maintenance and certain control of the state of mind. Yoga practice helps us to keep levels of energy and inspiration up, which is needed not only for the effective trainings, but also for the day-to-day life.