A large number of seminars, festivals, competitions, travel camps is currently underway. Masters and their knowledge became available as never before and thanks to increased networking between students and masters of the various schools, new styles and approaches arise in this creative pot, and occasionally, a real treasure of the ancient knowledge rises to the surface. It is’s intention to be a part of this movement and, to us, it is clear that everything that happens must be recorded for reference, evaluation and learning and this is how Yoga-Warrior Studio Was born. A large archive of video and photographic materials from different seminars, masterclasses and travel camps has been catalogued by the group and it is our mission to keep the record of this movement alive and accessible.

We are the Yoga-Warrior Studio:


  • Vadim Dormidontov: -Project Producer (also photographer, video, assembling).
  • Dmitry Samsonov: Yoga and martial arts practisoner (also photographer, video, processing).

As well as documenting the evolution of this movement and providing educational material, Yoga-Warriors Studios also create short videos from recent events, a collection of which can be viewed below.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions and comments. If our subject is close to you and you wish to have your point of view recorded and documented, Yoga-Warriors Studios can help. E-mail us: