Future projects

Development of Shito-Ryu Karate Do in Zanzibar and Tanzania.

At the present moment we are living and working on the Island of Zanzibar, Tanzania. Different forms of martial arts are quite popular in Zanzibar, as well as on the mainland of Tanzania. Due to many years of hard work of Sensei Shimaoka, Judo is very well developed and practice thereof widely spread in Zanzibar. Skills of local participants of Capoeira are quite impressive. There are two developing styles of karate on Island – Shotokan and Godzu ryu – with local instructors and their students with an average level. Tournaments and championships do not exist and there is no connection with karatekas from the mainland, or international level. Developing karate (both, traditional martial art and sport karate) becomes an extremely interesting and challenging aim under these circumstances

In 2014 we organized seminars of well-known Shito-ryu Karate master from Russia – Veniamin Garmaev – in Zanzibar (Ungudja and Pemba Islands). An interest in these seminars from local participants of martial arts proves necessity and relevancy of this work. With the constant support of Zanzibar Ministry of Sport, we are trying to promote Program of Karate Development in Zanzibar.

To do this, we are looking for various partnerships and collaboration with masters and instructors of karate, sport and humanitarian entities as well as any interested participants.

Our dream is to take team of Zanzibari children to partake and compete in Japan More information regarding our proposal please follow the link below:


Due to our efforts and great help of Sensei Sato Tetcuo in 2014, Tanzania has been incorporated by Japan and obtained official affiliation of WSKF (World Shito-ryu Karate Federation). For the first time in the history of Zanzibar and Tanzania 3 adepts of karate successfully accomplished their exams and got their 1st Dan black belts Shito-Ryu Sito-Kay.

Seminar if V. Garmaev on the Island Ungudja

Seminar of V. Garmaev and V.Dormidontov on the Island Pemba

Short video sequences from Shito-Ryu exams in Zanzibar