Collaboration with Indian Cultural center

Collaboration with Indian Cultural center (ICC) became possible thanks to the assistance of Rimma Vasilieva , a professor of world art culture from Protvino, and also with the help of Mr. Sajai Vedi (?), deputy director of ICC.

In February, 2010 a Festival of yoga and martial arts was held in Protvino along with the "Phoenix" club. Performances by ICC students on classical dance, yoga and kalari payattu were presented during this festival and on the behalf of Protvino representatives of the Taekwondo, sambo (self-defense without weapons) and karate divisions, students gave a thrilling performance. They were also joined by Veniamin Garmaev and Evgeny Rybin (karate master) who arrived to take part in the.


In honouring the special reciprocal relationshop with the ICC, Moscow’s Lomonosov State University of Fine Chemical Technologies and Protvino’s lyceum #2held concerts of the classical Indian dance, Sattriya. A group under the direction of world famous dancer Anita Sharma also appeared on stage to delight the audience with exotic costumes of fne silk and beautiful, carefully choreographed movements.