India with all its charm, mysticism and spirituality lends itself perfectly to edifying travel and training and was first visited by the Yoga-Warrior Studio team in 2006 with our first Kshatra expedition to Goa. Since then, we have launched numerous trips to this incredible country, and in July 2011 we expanded and developed our Himalayas Namaskar Project. This trip began in the bustling metropolis of Delhi, India’s most populace city and the second most populated in the world with its Hindu Temples and melting-pot culture. The expedition then headed north to, the tranquil, Budhist majority Spiti Valley located high in the Himilaya and on the border with Tibet. Here, the paradox between Delhi could not be more striking. The trip then ascended further into the Kaza township, some 3,650m above sea level before descending back down to Chandigarh, India’s first ‘planned’ city after independence from British rule and famous for its internationally influenced architecture. Here, the tour paused to visit with St.Josef’s school and to engage with seminars at the Indian Cultural Center (ICC) before making the return journey through Dehli.