Our travels into the mysterious ‘Dark Continent’ began in 2009 with the Max Dedik expedition Khatra 7 which the team organized and participated in. The expedition comprised of seminars with local karate clubs throughout Tanzania (Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, Bagamoyo and Stonetown on Zanzibar island) and park safaris (Mikumi and Udzungwa), culminating in well-deserved relaxation and reflection on Ungunja island of the Zanzibar archapelego. The expedition also allowed us to forge strong links with the "Rishoka" karate club in Dar es Salaam, a relationship that endures today.


Travels and trainings in Africa continued in 2012 within the framework of "Escape to Africa" Project. Here, we visited the enormous 55,000 km2 Selous national park in Tanzania and experience the incredible wildlife where we also trained with our friends from the Rishoka club.






Through Febuary and March, 2013 the ’s expedition to Zanzibar from Kilimanjaro via Natron was completed. It involved three unique components: climb of the Kilimanjaro, visit to the NgareSero lodge and the Lake Natron and finally a well-deserved rest and reflection on on the beautiful Unguja island on the Zanzibar archipelago. Watch the video made by Alexander Zorya and other participants of the expedition.