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TV “Fighter” Additional round “Karate in Tanzania”

TV “Fighter” Additional round “Yoga and martial arts”

TV “Fighter” Rey-club “Kalari ppayatu”

TV “Fighter” Dan-test “Sato-san”

TV “Fighter” Dan-test “Shito-ryu karate-do”

TV “Fighter” Dan-test “Story about basement on Ostogenka street

Show “Live broadcast” on the TV “ProTV”

We used to perform on the ceremony of presenting national prize in the sphere of martial arts “Golden belt” for a couple of years. Unfortunately, not all videos were saved, but we have one…

Pavel Kalashnikov (at the moment of broadcasting he was 6 years old) told as the secret of working with power. There are no more secrets :)


We used to perform on the concert at the beginning of summer in 2012 in Kremlin, which was about tsunami anniversary in Japan. The example of stupid montage you can see on the Video about our performance :) But I decided to leave it for a good memories…

Also we were performing at the opening of fight club in town Gzukovka “School of heroes”