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Dormidontov Vadim

Dormidontov Vadim

Education: Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy. Master degree in sport medicine.

Work experience: Worked as a teacher of additional education at DUC “Hamovniki” (Moscow); as well as a PE teacher at Moscow Schools No 54 and No 59;

2005 – 2008: PE teacher at The Lomonosov Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology.

2007 – 2013: Chairperson of the PE cathedra at The Lomonosov Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology.

At the present moment – founder of the Shito-ryu karate do club at International School of Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Martial arts experience:

4th Dan Shito-ryu Karate Do (WSKF);

Dzun Shihan (international instructor) WSKF;

Karate candidate master of Russia, winner and prize-winner of several Russian and International tournaments.

Instructor of Yiquan (Diploma of Beijing Academy).

Instructor of Budokon, red belt (was taught and examined by the founder of the style – Cameron Shane).

1st kyu Kodokan Judo (gained on Zanzibar in 2014, by Sensei U. Shimaoka).


Specialist of medical and shiatsu massage. Winner of Moscow competition among teachers of additional education, 2002.

Laureate of Moscow competition among teachers of additional education, 2003.

Laureate of Russian competition among teachers of additional education, St. Petersburg, 2003.

Moscow Grand Laureate in fields of Educational Science and Technology, 2003.

Has been recognized by Ministry of Education of Russia for the many years of valuable contributions to the young generation.

My way in martial arts has started when I was a pupil of 6th or 7th form. One day a strong man with funny broken ears and very cheerful smile visited our lesson of physical culture. For me and for some of my friends this man, Michael Nikolaevich (Master of Sports of judo) became our first coach. Our judo trainings were held in a small basement on Mosfilmovskaya street in the sport club "Atletika". Karate was prohibited in the USSR at that time, but xerocopies were being handed around and my friend had a huge pack of black and white photos of the book "This is karate" by Masutatsu Oyama. That is how a legend of karate came into my life. In a little while we started training in the gym of geological exploration Institute situated on Mokhovaya street. I steel keep in my mind that there were also some problems with a place, before every training we used mats to make a carpet and then blanketed it with an outer cover.

Consequently, I began to look for better equipped and not so distant gym. This search brought me to the sports center of Olympic village which is situated on the Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station. I have bought just a membership to a group of Sambo led by Dmitry Yurievich Kotvitskiy. I attended this group over several years. I took part in competitions on Sambo and still keep all diplomas signed by Dmitry Yurievich. I was practicing Sambo throughout my school days.

The last school year I was preparing for the matriculation and my trainings were less regular than before, but I still was in touch with Dmitry Yurievich. It seems that prohibition on karate was already lifted (it was my last year at school - and the first year at the university). Dmitry Yurievich started to teach karate (as it turned out, he was practicing karate even before the prohibition was settled). Sensei had a green belt at that time. A rapid formation of the karate school "Kaiman" (led by sensei D.Y. Kotvitskiy) was under way at that interesting period. I was lucky to train for a while with future champions - S. Osipov and M. Bakushin. I suppose that my attitude to trainings and my concept of martial arts master were formed under the influence of Dmitry Yurievich.

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I failed to combine a study at the medical Institute with trainings with the team "Kaiman" led by sensei Kotvitskiy. Both required a complete dedication. In that period I even tried to move to the Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism ( SCOLIPE), that is how I became acquainted with Vladimir Vasilievich Bogatenkov. Fate decreed that I graduated from the medical university nevertheless. Vladimir Vasilievich became my true sensei in karate. Sporting aspect in karate was not the main one for him. Despite this he influenced deeply on such successful but quite unlike karate sportsmen as Gleb Vorevodin, Max Dedik, Veniamin Garmaev. I did not proved to be as successful as they were, perhaps, it is because Vladimir Vasilievich was a true sensei in karate for me , and sport as it is never entralled him. I was practicing under his guidance from 1996 till 2003 approximately. Now I realize that my own style of personal trainings ( their essence and orientation) is a direct consequence and a reflection of my sensei trainings for that period (anyway, as I see it).

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(Speaking about shiti-ryu karate trainings in detail, it is must be noted that , I was lucky to train with Sergei Olegovich Shinkov, Valery Anatolievich Dubinin, Vladimir Dubinin, and I also took a part in the training camp of Yuriy Leonidovich Orlov ( it was a short-term training in different periods).

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At the same time I kept on attending sambo trainings conducted by P. A. Lokalov, he is a founder of A.A.Harlampiev Sambo club. Pavel Anatolievich is a unique specialist in Sambo.

At that time he was an apprentice of Chumakov and the most part of sambo history unfolded before his eyes and with his direct participation. It happened so that we were connected with each other for years even besides Sambo.

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2002-2003 academic year was the year of preparation for the World championship on karate Shito-ryu Shito-kai in Moscow. I entered the national team! At that period our physical trainings were held on the base of All-Russian scientific research Institute of physical culture under the guidance of Alexander Onikeevich Akopyan.

Alexander Onikeevich is a master of sports in boxing (USSR), he is at the head of the of the laboratory of single combat in the All-Russian scientific research Institute of physical culture, he works with Russian national team for years. Trainings under his guidance became a real challenge and at the same time - an ineffable pleasure. I do not know anybody else , who could inspire easily and kindly on a hard work and competitions!

At the same time we did also track and field ( as the part of calisthenics) , we trained in the athletics arena of the Moscow State University with Valery Zaharovich ( unfortunately, I do not remember his surname). Thanks to him I have learned to see the beauty of athletics and running became much more interesting for me.

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While preparing for the World Championship , Valery Anatolievich Dubinin drove my karate trainings. Thank you so much!

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In the same year (2003) I visited my first yoga class in Moscow Ashtanga Yoga center , which was conducted by Leonid Lanin. Leonid and his teaching style made a deep impression upon me. Soon regular yoga classes started in "our" gym situated on Ostozhenka street.

These classes were conducted by Leonid and other masters of Ashtanga Yoga center.

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After the World Championship in Moscow we (the most part of shito-ryu national team) tried to proceed with participating in competitions, held by different karate organizations. That is why we started to train under the supervision of Andrey Yurievich Alexandrov , he is a karate coach with a wide experience of work. It was a very interesting and complicated period of search and trying. Now I can prove all that I understand about karate as a sport , I owe Andrey Yurievich.

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The first "Kshatra" expedition to GOA conducted by Max Dedik happened in 2006. I was lucky enough to participate in 8 expeditions thus my researches in the field of yoga and martial arts continued. Owing to these expeditions I got acquainted with another two my instructors -Anatoly Krivodedov and Cameron Shayn.

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Anatoly Krivodedov is a master of karate and kobudo, an official representative of Beijing Yiquan Academy in Russian Federation. He influenced my conception of work at inner styles.

Cameron Shayn is a founder of Budokon yoga, which combines hatha-yoga, martial arts and meditation.

His method , using yoga exercises to prepare body and consciousness for martial arts seems to me very talented and harmonious.

Each of my teachers is a unique person in his own way and worthy of individual story. I hope soon I could describe in detail their stories in my livejournal.

I express gratitude to my instructors and I beg their pardon. If I had been more talented apprentice, I would have realized myself as a master. But meanwhile I am "just drifting to the island of martial arts", which is honestly a fabulous journey in itself.