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Katya Kalashnikova

Katya Kalashnikova

Education: Saratov State University N.G. Chernishevskogo. Master Degree. Biology, biochemistry.

Martial arts and yoga experience:

1st Dan black belt Shito-ryu Karate do (WSKF)

1st Kyu brown belt Shotokan Karate do ( West Coast Shotokan Association)

Yiquan Instructor of Beijing Academy

Instructor – trainee of Apnea-Yoga System

Diving and freediving:

Advanced open water diver (over 70 dives)

Accomplished basic freediving course conducted by Natalia Molchanova (Moscow)

Accomplished first stage freedivng course conducted by Umberto Pelizzari (Zanzibar)

I started to practice karate in Tanzania in 2006 at Rishoka Club, which was supported by Japanese Embassy. That was quite interesting and not easy experience, which influenced a lot on my further life. One Japanese master of Shotokan karate used to leave in Dar es Salaam for several years. I was lucky enough to learn from his best Tanzanian student R. Ringo for few years. In 2009 I was involved in organization of karate seminars, conducted by Russian masters in Tanzania and Zanzibar.

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My yoga practice also began in Tanzania in 2008. Yoga classes were held by charitable Philippine social-humanitarian organization, dedicated to the development of rural areas in Tanzania. That was active dynamic practice slightly reminding power yoga.

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Upon return to Russia, I continued to practice martial arts and yoga. Acquaintance with well-known Russian masters allowed me to increase my stock of knowledge and considerably extended my interests in fields of self-development. Further investigation brought me to yiquan trainings, seminars of Cameron Shane (Budokon) and instructors’ course of Apnea Yoga System.

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At the present moment I keep on practicing martial arts and yoga, trying to develop myself as a freediver, combining all of that with work and bringing up two beautiful sons.

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