Martial arts

    Yoga has impartially been considered as one of the sources of the Eastern Martial Arts. Both yoga and Martial Arts are quite often being called a Way of Warrior – a man who seeks self development and enhancement with determination and courage of a true warrior.

    It was for a reason that Krishna said to the warrior Arjuna, teaching him a sacred science of yoga: “A Karma-yogi should fight while treating victory and defeat alike, gain and loss alike, pain and pleasure alike and fighting thus, he does not incur sin.” (Excerpt from Bhagvad Gita - the hindu bible).

    This notion, being one of the basic pillars of yoga presented in Bhagavad Gita, in many ways determined philosophic basis of martial arts, and became a foundation that yoga and martial arts were built upon.

    Methods of working with one’s body and breath, originated from yoga, soon became part of martial arts too. Vice versa, many of the exercises used in the martial arts were incorporated into the practice of yoga (the most striking example - Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya Yoga).

    It’s for a reason that the images of the God Shiva (according to the Hinduism Shiva taught yoga to people) and one of the Gods, favorers of karate in Okinawa, so resemble each other.

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    For authors of this website practice of martial arts serves as yoga, while yoga – as the Way of Warrior.

    We are interested in everything that linked to these systems of human development, everything that allows move forward, broadening and pushing limits of existed, known and possible.


    For us, the practice of martial arts is first of all an effective and efficient way of self-development and self-discovery. Our trainings are based on experience of practicing different martial arts including karate, kickboxing, sambo (Russian wrestling), judo, and yiquan (internal style of Chinese Wushu). We’re interested in traditional types of martial arts as well as contemporary combat sports. Combining traditional and modern methods of training, we’re trying to maintain depth and efficiency of our own practice.

    1. For basic physical readiness of the body we are using methods from Hatha yoga and tszibengun Wushu. We are not hastening by mastering complicated techniques as we believe in listening to your body to determine the pace.

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    2. For a deeper and clearer understanding of basic karate techniques, we are using yiguan methods (methods of internal style of Chinese Wushu).

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    3. In our training we use various types of sport training sparring as well as diverse fighting gear and different equipment.

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    Read more about how we build our trainings and personal practice (link).